Veteran Voices Oral History Project

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This project was birthed because I believe each veteran has a story to tell — whether that person served in frontline combat or in a stateside desk job. The contribution of every veteran in every position and rank made an impact to the cause. It is my desire to help tell these stories.

I publish oral histories on this site from veterans from all conflicts, but conducting interviews with World War II veterans takes priority. Even the youngest veterans of this war are in their late eighties and early nineties and will not be with us for many more years.

Each of these oral histories is published on this site so that others may glean not only information, but solidify their respect for these veterans and the sacrifices they have made and realize the cost of the freedoms we all enjoy.

How it works: Schedule an interview with me by sending an email to or writing to me at Veteran Voices, 11266 Soape Rd., Hammond, LA, 70403.

At the interview, forms for permission to record and publish the interview in historical and educational venues will be signed and then the conversational interview will be video recorded and later transcribed into written form. The edited, written interview will be published on this site in article-length segments and a link to a video clip of the veteran’s interview will also be included.  A printed copy of the edited interview will be given to the veteran and it will include any photos of their military service that they have shared during the interview as well as photos taken of them during the interview.

If a WWII veteran is willing, a recording of their interview can be submitted to the National World War II Museum in New Orleans, Louisiana to be archived for research by future historians.

Every veteran has a story, and their story should be saved for the education and edification of future generations.

(The veteran in the upper left in the collage of photos at the top of this post is my father, Ray Hinson, U.S. Army – Post Korean War – stationed in Germany.)


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