Veteran Voices

Veterans' Voices-002I have a deep respect for veterans. I’m not sure if my sense of respect and patriotism is inborn or taught by my parents, but I get choked up whenever I see our country’s flag displayed on a home, or when the “Stars and Stripes Forever” is played, or while attending a Memorial Day celebration honoring our fallen veterans.

But seeing someone in military dress is what affects me most. It’s not so much the uniform as it is the ideal for which the uniform stands, and the commitment the person has made to that ideal.

This project was birthed because I believe each veteran has a story to tell — whether that person served in frontline combat or in a stateside desk job. The contribution of every veteran in every position and rank made an impact to the cause. It is my desire to help tell these stories.

I intend to publish interviews on this site from veterans from all conflicts, but interviews with World War II veterans will take priority. Even the youngest veterans of this war are in their late eighties and early nineties and will not be with us for many more years.

Each of these interviews needs to be published so that others may glean not only information, but solidify their patriotism for our country and realize the cost of the freedoms we enjoy, as well as gain more respect for veterans and the sacrifices that have been made in service to our country.

If you are a WWII veteran, or know a WWII veteran who would like to be interviewed, you may respond to this post and I will contact you by way of email.  If a veteran lives in the Louisiana/Mississippi region I would like to interview them personally.  If a veteran lives elsewhere I will send a questionnaire that can be filled out by the veteran or a friend of the veteran. Copies of current photos and service photos of the veteran submitted with the completed interview are greatly appreciated.

If a WWII veteran is willing, transcripts of their interviews will be submitted to the National World War II Museum in New Orleans, LA to be archived for research by future historians.

Every veteran has a story, and every story should be heard.

(The veteran in the collage of photos at the top of this post is my father, Ray Hinson, U.S. Army – Korean Conflict – stationed in Germany.)


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Rick C. Ellis says:

    Excellent endeavor and I applaud your efforts!
    Rick C. Ellis
    SCPO, USN (Ret)

  2. gpcox says:

    Always happy to see a veteran’s story put down for future generations. You and I appear to be on a very similar path.

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